Monday, April 1, 2013

Blood Groove

The sample, in its crystalline vial, was snapped shut, mixed carefully, sealed into an envelope, sent to the lab and the results arrived in an email a few weeks later. The centuries fell away in crisp black and white and the reel of history was played out in the graceful curves of a double helix…

Across the thirsty land, two men – nearly brothers - faced one another. Horses snorted and reared. The sunlight glinted off iron. Swords clashed, blood was spilled… The cross took the place of the crescent as a cloud cut over the face of the Moon…

We are never more distant from one another than 50th cousin. DNA tells us a different story than churches, temples, banks, and men in power. It is time to read, and to believe. The truth, this time around. We share the same Heart.

Acrylic on canvas with upholstery fabric, cotton, silk, polyester, leather and bone.
24 x 36” or 60.9 x 91.4 cm.

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